Forms of Teaching

Forms of teaching

Teaching of skiing and snowboarding runs in private and group form.

Private lesson

The heart of private lesson is individual approach of ski instructor to the client of various ages. We recommend private lessons mainly for beginners, that need individual approch for good acquiring of basics and fast progress.

Private lesson is dessigned for 1-3 adult persons. The requirement for multiperson lesson is equalilty in skills.

For children beginners we recommend private lesson with maximally 2 persons. They need special help with entering the lift or chairlift.

The private lesson can be also utilised efefctively and in high quality for advanced skiers and snowboarders. This form of teaching can help them with improving their tecnique when they have the instructor just for themselves.

Our private lessons are tied to the operation time of the lifts and charilifts in ski centre, so we work daily from 8:30 until 15:30 (possibly until 16:00, when the ski centre operates longer).

Group lesson

The group lesson is designed for 4 and more persons. The maximal number of clients in one group is 8 (the higher number is usually possible after agreement with the ski school management. We recommend it for bigger groups, where clients know each other). Another important keys for group lessons are: same age and similar level of physical and motion skills. The group lesson is led by one ski instructor. In days, when we have more groups of various levels on slope, the clients can be swaped between groups to maintain the pace of their progress. The advantage of group lesson is lower price. This form of teaching is mostly used by organized groups. The pace of teaching is adjusted to suit the slowest students.

We start group lessons every day in fixed time at 9:30 and 12:30. The duration of group lesson is 2 hours.

We teach in following languages: Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, English, and German