High Tatras are beautiful mountains with beautiful places. Sometimes though, it can be crowded or there can be times when you only want to do something else than usual. That can be the right time to contact us directly. We are more than likely to join you while doing some other activity off piste and on cross-country trails. All this while being outside in the nature in winter.

skialpinistický kurz

Ski mountaineering

It connects skiing, freedom of movement and knowledge about untouched winter nature.

We acquaint you with the basic knowledge and what’s more, we’ll also be your company during our tours of full value.

You’ll also get to know how to find out about the terrain which is still safe enough for ski mountaineering and which one to avoid.

The reward we get for the good work during the day will be a quick and comfortable way back from the starting point.

skialpinistický kurz

Snowshoe tours

Do you want to try something you don’t usually do?

Implement and discover in our company trails with the help of snowshoes.
They enable us to get to places that are hard to get to without them.

The reward you get is quiet all around, the sound of nature and undiscovered beauty of Tatras and other places.

So don’t hesitate, we are here for you.

skialpinistický kurz


Safety above all!

The only things you’ll need are strong legs and good condition. We will take care of everything else and we’ll also rent you specific gear in case of need.

You’ll get to know what are the hazards during both the winter- and summertime.

Our professional teamleaders and coaches from „TatrasActiveHolidays“ will show you the terrain and its surroundings where you’ll actually be. They’ll also make sure you’re safe while reaching your goal.